Issue 29 | February 2024

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Issue 29 of The IAABC Foundation Journal, with articles from across the world of animal training and behavior consulting.

The Final Gift: Ensuring a Peaceful Behavioural Euthanasia

As a shelter behaviour consultant, I’ve become intimately familiar with the difficult task of euthanizing animals that are unsafe to live with humans or that suffer from poor quality of...

By Blaze Fulbrook

Expanding Your Reach: A Guide to Hiring Your First Employee

Finally, you feel like all the investments you’ve made in pursuing certifications, completing courses, attending conferences, reading books, and helping your early clients succeed with their animals is paying off!...

By Andre Yeu, KPA CTP, CPDT-KA

The Ethics of Using Dominance-Based Training Within the Equine Leisure Industry: Part 2

The second of a multi-part series examining the ethics of dominance-based training techniques like “Natural Horsemanship.” This part investigates the role of language and appeals to emotion that can cause...

By Alice Campbell, BSc, MSc, CEBC

Building Client Networks and Maximising Your Resources

Community matters. Since the pandemic, the need for belonging, purpose, and community has never been more evident, and we now know that being a part of a community can have...

By Catherine Griffin CDBC

Career Paths and Life Lessons: Know Your Resources And Be Proactive

I recently was a guest lecturer for the Shelter Veterinary Medicine Class at Purdue University and presented on a topic near and dear to my heart: how career paths can...

By Dr. Sheryl Walker, CAAB

Thinking Outside The Box When Training

For the most part, the tide has turned regarding animal training philosophy. It’s understood now that empowering animals rather than disempowering them not only garners better results but creates happier...

By Linda Fisher

Pesky Pudgy Ponies: Equine Obesity and the Behavior Consultant

Obesity poses a significant threat to equine welfare, affecting approximately 40% of horses in the U.S. and U.K. Fortunately, it is one of the most preventable health issues in the...

By Justice Everett Smith, MEd

Creating a College-Based Shelter Cats Training Program

Using a college course to improve the welfare of shelter cats through a specialized foster program. Saint Francis University had previously developed a course during which students fostered a shelter...

By Shlomit Flaisher-Grinberg, PhD

A Multidisciplinary and Trauma-Informed Approach to Community-Based Support Programs

In 2023, Toronto Humane Society launched a pop-up pet support program designed specifically to provide wellness, behavior and social services to underserved communities. While community wellness is not new to...

By Lauralee Dorst, RVT, Dillon Dodson, RSW, MSW, Beverley McKee, CDBC, CPDT-KA

Positive Reinforcement Horse Training from a Dog Trainer’s Perspective

Using positive reinforcement to train horses isn’t new, but it doesn’t have the same following as it does in dog training. My mare Shea is now 20 years old and...

By Christina Young, CDBC


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