Issue 22 | November 2021 — Exotics

A Physiotherapy Program for Bears at Animals Asia’s Vietnam Bear Rescue Centre

Summary: Bears rescued from the bile industry face a multitude of physical and psychological challenges. Many years of restricted movements and invasive treatment has left the majority of bears with reduced mobility. This article looks at the work done by the staff of...

By Kate Shipton (BVetMed MRCVS) and Sarah van Herpt (BSc, MSc, CVN)

Issue 21 | November 2021 — Exotics

Issue 13 | September 2021 — Exotics

What Is a Relationship? Lessons from a Warthog

I heard a soft, high-pitched whine with an ascending tone from our 5-year-old female African warthog. I looked at Sophia, to see her stopped, stiff and still. It was early evening, and she was out for a walk with me and another trainer as part of her enrichment...

By Kate Wilson