Issue 13 | July 2019 — Husbandry

Cooperative Care for Canine Cataracts

Bilateral cataracts are a condition that many dogs face as they age. While most do not see a reduction in their quality of life, this was not the case for Jeter, a 9-year-old terrier mix. After observing that he had low contrast sensitivity causing him to walk into...

By Tori Ganino, CDBC, CPDT-KA

Issue 3 | July 2019 — Husbandry

Group Living for Equines

In this video, Certified Horse Behavior Consultant Lindsy Murray promotes the concept of group living for equines. This is Lindsy’s herd of horses that have lived together for over 20 years. The majority of the horses and ponies were taken on as rescues in need of...

By Lindsy Murray

Obesity in Dogs

Oh, how I dread the sight of an obese dog. I feel bad for the dog and have the usual quick scroll of all the medical complications run through my head, but I also wince in anticipation of the upcoming discussion with the client about their dog’s weight. The range of...

By Jess Elliott

Issue 2 | February 2017 — Husbandry

Best Practices in Husbandry and Handling

It has been a very busy and exciting time since the inaugural journal issue. Video submissions have been pouring into my email from talented trainers and veterinary professionals from around the world. Inspiring stories enhance each video, documenting the journey of...

By Laura Monaco Torelli — Husbandry Content Editor

Panic and Pain as Complications of the Cat-Dog Relationship

You have—or your client has—a dog who is completely non-reactive to the household cats; in fact, she may even appear to love them. She might engage in mutual grooming and cuddling, and not mind the occasional cat-slap when she tries to sniff a butt. Does this mean...

By Jessica Elliott

Issue 1 | October 2016 — Husbandry

New Strategies for Improving Veterinary Visits

I have heard a lot of horror stories from both clients and other pet professionals about problems taking pets to the vet. The reactions range from pets shaking and struggling, to clawing and biting to the extent that they have to be harshly restrained or even sedated....

By Jonathan P. Klein

Best Practices in Husbandry and Handling

They say a picture’s worth a thousand words. I’ll add that video is worth a million. As professional trainers, we offer our services in a time where modern technology can be our best friend. A baseline video here, a quick video of us working with our...

By Laura Monaco Torelli