Issue 24 | June 2022 — Reptile

Enrichment for Snakes (And Other Reptiles)

Summary: An enriched environment for reptiles under captive management isn’t just a tank with some extra objects in it. To really enrich the lives of our reptiles, we need to be creative and introduce some novelty into their lives. This article introduces...

By Lori Torrini

Issue 23 | June 2022 — Reptile

Promoting Natural Behaviors in Geckos Through Enrichment

Summary: With the right handling, geckos can be engaging, inquisitive, and fun to be around! This article gives you a variety of tips how to change your gecko’s environment to make it more enriching. There are examples of ways to stimulate all their senses and promote...

By Blaze Fulbrook

Potential Neural Consequences for Snakes Under Captive Management

Summary: Are snakes not thought to be intelligent because they’re really dumb, or are we making it impossible for them to reach their brainpower potential by forcing them to live in depressing, boring, stressful environments?  Very little research exists about how...

By Lori Torrini

Issue 14 | February 2022 — Reptile

Puzzle Feeding for Snakes

Environmental enrichment and focus on animal welfare are now common practice for many pets. Some companies have started producing toys specifically designed for foraging. It’s even becoming standard in zoological facilities to provide such opportunities for many of...

By Peter Amelia

Issue 12 | October 2019 — Reptile

Training Snakes to Voluntarily Relocate

The following is an overview of two methods I have used to train snakes to voluntarily shift from their normal enclosure/living space into a temporary holding area or transport container. These methods have worked successfully for carpet pythons (Morelia spilota) and...

By Lori A. Torrini

Issue 10 | April 2019 — Reptile

Tort Reform: On Training a Tortoise in Nose Work

I began training dogs as a teenager almost 40 years ago, and my interest in other species has been expanding as I continue to learn and grow as a professional. I have also worked with cats, goats, pigs, horses, birds, rabbits, guinea pigs, rats, chickens, ferrets, and...

By Linda Brodzik

Issue 6 | October 2018 — Reptile

Behavior Consulting for Reptiles

We talk to Danielle Beck, ABTC registered clinical animal behaviourist, and the United Kingdom’s only reptile behavior consultant working with pet lizards, about the unique challenges of working with these fascinating and often misunderstood animals. How did you get...

By IAABC Editing Team