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Mychelle Blake presenting a session on social media

Mychelle Blake presenting a session on social media

More than 200 people attended our 2017 conference in Los Angeles last month, and we were overwhelmed by the energy and friendship that developed between people from so many different backgrounds. The first-ever session of Building your Behavior Business proved to be one of our most popular events, and we’re looking forward to developing and expanding our offerings in this area. A huge thank you to everyone who attended, presented, and volunteered! Here’s a report of one attendee’s experience, which we were really happy to read.

IAABC Conference 2018 will take place in Burlington, MA, next to Boston April 20-22 – a three-day, multi-track gathering of animal behavior professionals of all species. Registration will be up by the end of May with more details.

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Our mentorship program is proving to be a great success, with more than [people] taking the opportunity to learn directly from one of our expert mentors, get personalized help with questions and challenges in their animal behavior practice, and meet other students with the same interests and goals.

We’re expanding the mentorship program for the rest of this year, with extra sessions from Leslie McDevitt, Michael Shikashio, Sarah Filipiak, Justine Harrison, Trish McMillan Loehr and Katenna Jones. Whether you’re just getting started in behavior consulting, you’re working in a shelter environment, or with multiple species, you’ll find a mentorship to enhance your knowledge and skills in 2017.

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Principles & PracticeAnimal Behavior Consulting: Principles & Practice

After a successful soft launch last year, we’ve rolled out our flagship Animal Behavior Consulting: Principles & Practice course with four upcoming dates in 2017.

This course covers every area of knowledge an animal behavior consultant needs as a foundation before they can build their creativity and practical skills into successful behavior work. With exclusive content from 27 renowned experts in their fields, presenting everything from behavioral medicine with Dr. Karen Overall DVM, to respondent conditioning with Kathy Sdao; functional analysis with Dr. Susan Friedman, to interpersonal skills with Dr. Risë VanFleet, we believe that Animal Behavior Consulting: Principles & Practice is unrivalled among online courses in rigor and breadth.

“If you work with dogs (or any species) you NEED this course. It has everything and presented in a manner that prepares you to participate at a caliber our dog clients need and our human clients deserve. IAABC has created a new level of professional, a new gold standard and frankly anyone working with animals should be required to take it.” — Molly Sumner

May 22nd will also mark the start of our first ever Principles & Practice session aimed at European students, with a UK-based mentor, Justine Harrison CHBC, and weekly meetings at 8pm GMT.

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