Issue 23 Table of Contents

DOG: Consent Behaviors for Veterinary Procedures

by Natalie Rogers

SHELTER: Everyone Is on the Behavior Team: How ASPCA’s eLearning Platform Broadens and Deepens Behavior Knowledge for Shelter Personnel

by Renee Dunaway and Amy Duskiewicz

HORSE: Equine Advocacy

by Irene Perrett

CAT: The Sustainable Cat: Making Better Choices for the Environment

by Tiro Miller

CAT: Spotlight on Research: Courtney Graham


WORKING ANIMAL | DOG: COVID-sniffing Dogs One Year Later: New Studies Show Promise

by Kayla Fratt

EXOTICS: Potential Neural Consequences of Enrichment for Snakes Under Captive Management

by Lori Torrini

EXOTICS: Promoting Natural Behaviors in Geckos Through Enrichment

by Blaze Fulbrook

EXOTICS: The Welfare of Captive Fish

by Tessa Gonzalez

Ask the Ethics Committee

by The IAABC Ethics Committee

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