Issue 24 Table Of Contents

The IAABC Foundation Journal Issue 24 Front Cover, featuring a donkey

DOG: Who Keeps The Dog? Advice From A Pet Custody Expert

by  Karis Bryen, CDBC, Accredited Family Mediator

DOG: Case Study: Luna — Reactivity To Other Dogs Part 1


DOG: Working With Shy Dogs In A Class Setting 

by Alicia L. Harantschuk, ​CPDT-KA​, IAABC-CDBC & ADT, FFCP, CTDI, CCFC​

PARROT: Sex and the Psittacine

by Kashmir Csaky CPBC Emeritus

PARROT: Parrots Need You! The Lacey Act And USDA-APHIS

by Apryl Miller, JD

HORSE: Case Study: Bilbo — Aggression and Escape Behaviors in a Horse 

by Abigail Allen CHBC

REPTILE: Enrichment For Snakes (And Other Reptiles)

by Lori Torrini

CAT: Case Study: Jumbo — Extreme Fearfulness In A Cat

by Hongfei Li

CAT: From The Archives: Brie Breathes Easy — Training A Cat To Enjoy An Inhaler 

by Robin Bisha

SHELTER/DOG: Continuing The Virtual Classroom At SPCA Monterey County

by Wendi Newman with Bonnie Logue

SHELTER/HORSE: A Novel Method For Rearing Orphaned Donkey Foals With Behaviour In Mind

by Corinne McCafferty MSc, CHBC

WORKING ANIMALS: Everybody Loves Fido! The Ethics Of Including Animals In Mental Health Work

by Tara Moser and Jodie Smith