Issue 25 Table Of Contents

The IAABC Foundation Journal Issue 25 Front Cover featuring a brown hunting dog.

DOG: Case Study: Luna — Reactivity To Other Dogs Part 2


DOG: Living and Learning with a Blind Dog

by Micaela Frank, CDBC, CPDT-KA, KPA-CTP

DOG: Using Innate Stress Coping Styles to Inform Behavior Management Strategies

by Gavin Fraser

DOG: Dogs Who Witness Trauma

by Dr. Teresa Tyler PhD

DOG: Bang! Boom! Developing Training Plans for Dogs with Noise Aversion

by Rachel Lane, CPDT-KA

HORSE: The Equine Microbiome: Diet, Disease, and Behavior

by Holly Heartz, MSESS, RD

HORSE: Case Study: Dancer — Isolation Distress in a Horse

by Carol-Ann Doucet, CHBC

CAT: Case Study: Mimi and Leo — Sudden-Onset Aggression in a Cat

by Monika Janusczewska, CCBC

WORKING ANIMALS: A Review of Detection Distance for Search Dogs Based on Environment and Target Odor

by Kayla Fratt CDBC, Rachel Hamra, and Heather Nootbaar

GENERAL: Make the Most of Your Lane: Why to Stay Involved in Medical Cases

by Dr. Denise Johnson, DVM, CCBC

GENERAL: SMARTER Goal-Setting For Animal Behavior Professionals

by Elisheba Fay, CDBC, CPDT-KA

PARROT: From the Archives — Is A Busy Parrot Really A Happy Parrot?

by Stephanie Edlund, CPBC