Issue 26 Table of Contents

Cover image for The IAABC Foundation Journal Issue 26. A black cat with green eyes, in close up.

DOG: A Framework for Behavior Modification and Training Plans to Help Build and Maintain Resilience: The Resilience Rainbow

by Bobbie Bhambree, CDBC, CPDT-KA, and Dr. Kathy Murphy, BVetMed, DPhil, CVA, CLAS, MRCVS

DOG: Teaching Polite Play

by Christina Young BSc, CDBC, PCBC-A, KPA-CTP, LFDM-W

HORSE: A Review of the Round Pen Training Technique

by Chloe Campbell, BSc

CAT: When ‘Click’ Means “I Love You”: Clicker Training My Cat Zathras Through His End-of-Life

by T Hamboyan Harrison

GENERAL: SMARTER Goal-Setting For Animal Behavior Professionals Part 2

by Elisheba Fay, CDBC, CPDT-KA

SHELTER: Revitalizing A Shelter Volunteer Program in the Wake of the Pandemic

by John Reilly, MS, CBCC-KA

SHELTER: Adoption Events: Skills, Ethics and Best Practices

by Dr. Tiro Miller, PhD, SBA

SHELTER: Fearful Dogs in Shelters Can Have A Brighter Future With Evidence-based Interventions

by Kristen Collins, MS, ACAAB, Dr. Emily Patterson-Kane, PhD, and the IAABC Foundation Editing Team

PARROT: Helping Pet Store Parrots Live Their Best Lives [From the Archives]

by Adrienne Mock, CPBC

WORKING ANIMALS: Environmental Cues in Service Dogs [From the Archives]

by Matthias Lenz KPA-CTP