Issue 29 Table of Contents

A Multidisciplinary and Trauma-Informed Perspective Approach to Community-Based Support Programs

by Lauralee Dorst, RVT, Dillon Dodson, RSW, MSW, and Beverley McKee, CDBC, CPDT-KA

Pesky Pudgy Ponies: Equine Obesity and the Behavior Consultant

by Justice Smith, MEd

Positive Reinforcement-based Horse Training from a Dog Trainer’s Perspective

by Christina Young

The Ethics of Using Dominance-Based Training Within the Equine Leisure Industry: Part 2

by Alice Campbell, MSc

Creating a College-Based Shelter Cats Training Program

by Shlomit Flaisher-Grinberg, PhD

The Final Gift: Ensuring A Peaceful Behavioral Euthanasia

by Blaze Fulbrook

Thinking Outside the Box in Training

by Linda Fisher

Career Paths and Life Lessons: Know Your Resources and Be Proactive

by Dr. Sheryl Walker, CAAB

Building Client Networks and Maximizing Your Resources: Welcome to The Alumni, Ireland’s Reactivity Cult

by Catherine Griffin, CDBC

Expanding Your Reach: A Guide to Hiring Your First Employee

by Andre Yeu, KPA CTP, CPDT-KA