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Stats Trek: How to Be a Commander of Data

How do you assess client compliance?

By Jessica Fry

Pawsimony: Cookie Nookie

Technology is making it ever easier to share footage of animals; something this journal is taking full advantage of. However, the rise of viral video has also lead to an...

By Tiro Miller, PhD

Case Study: Linda and Joe

Primary complaint or reason for visit: Touch to rear (just above tail) caused charge, multiple contact open- and closed-mouth bites.

By Renee Hall, CDBC

Behavior Consulting and Declawed Cats

If you work with cats in the United States or Canada, you will face a few conundrums related to partial-toe amputations (declawing).

By Jacqueline Munera, CCBC

New Strategies for Improving Veterinary Visits

I have heard a lot of horror stories from both clients and other pet professionals about problems taking pets to the vet. The reactions range from pets shaking and struggling,...

By Jonathan P. Klein

World Within a World – Changing Lives

Every Monday morning, when I enter the correctional facility, walk through the metal detector, scanner, and guardroom, put on a body alarm and walk across the yard where hundreds of...

By Heddie Leger

Side-Eye: A Critical Look at Dog Science in the Media

Recently, there has been some hubbub over whether or not you should hug your dog.

By Lindsay Waldrop

The Perils of Placing Marginal Dogs

Back in 1998 I had been volunteering with shelter dogs for a couple of years and was firmly convinced that there was a home for every dog out there …...

By Trish McMillan Loehr

Best Practices in Husbandry and Handling

They say a picture's worth a thousand words. I'll add that video is worth a million.

By Laura Monaco Torelli

Countering Counter-Surfing

When my cat Lassie was young, she had springs for legs. I’ve never seen a cat jump as quickly or with as much agility as she would, especially when it...

By Adria Karlsson

Service Dogs: Ethics and Education

Most Americans are familiar with the presence of service animals. From the standard-bearer guide dog for the blind to the much photographed but rare service mini-horse, their stories are more...

By Barbara Handelman

IAABC News – June 2016

We’re thrilled to announce that on the 24th of May this year, the IAABC reached a milestone of 1000 members!

Eliminating Aversives in Training: If Dogs, Then Why Not Horses?

I remember it so well. I was reading my first book on dog behaviour and was impressed. —the trainer was pictured happily walking a collection of dogs off lead, the...

By Catherine Bell

Relapse of Conditioned Fear in Horses: The Four R’s

My 18-year-old thoroughbred is a warrior in most respects. He barely flicks an ear at a motorcycle speeding past as we cross the road; he nods politely and winks at...

By Robin Foster

Case Study: Blade

This kitten was presented at my practice for pouncing, biting, and scratching at both owners in the household.

By Sally Foote

Feline Cognitive Dysfunction

The joys of keeping our cats indoors with plenty of environmental enrichment, good food, health care and an enormous amount of love and respect are all well-documented: besides having a...

By Jane Ehrlich

Choices, Not Labels Help Birds Learn

Dreyfuss, my pionus, is a bird who—if I'd let her—would spend much of her day sitting next to me or on me, frequently with her head down for rubs. So...

By Lisa Desatnik

Brie Breathes Easy: Training a Cat to Enjoy an Inhaler

When I took Brie to the emergency vet, his respiration rate was over 80 breaths per minute.

By Robin Bisha

I Got a Kick Out of You…

Pavlov was scooped, but nobody noticed.

By Eileen Anderson


Issue 29

Issue 29 | February 2024


Trauma-informed approaches to community support | Equine obesity | Shelter cats go to college | Why thinking outside the box matters | Training and behavioral euthanasia, and more....

Issue 28

Issue 28 | October 2023


Gentle Yoga for Dog Trainers | A Multi-part Series on Ethics and Horsemanship | Helping Diabetic Cats With Behavior Challenges | IR Thermography and Saddle Fit, and more...

Issue 27

Issue 27 | June 2023


Helping dogs and their people be more active together, how to talk to clients who have unrealistic breed-based expectations, a case of feline excessive vocalization, templates for observing pain in...

Issue 26

Issue 26 | February 2023


Training for Resilience | Clicker Training Through a Cat's End-of-life | Running Successful Adoption Days | Volunteer Retention in Shelters | Horse Training Methodologies, and more...

Issue 25

Issue 25 | October 2022


The Equine Gut Microbiome | Sudden-Onset Aggression in Cats | When to Stay Involved in Medical Cases | Setting SMARTER Goals for your Clients | Detection Dog Literature Review, and...

Issue 24

Issue 24 | June 2022


What the Lacey Act Amendment means for parrot keeping | A novel method for rearing orphaned donkey foals | Dog, cat, shelter, and horse behavior case studies | An in-depth...