Overcoming Fear in a Traumatized Horse: Magnum’s story

Magnum—a paint Clydesdale/Stockhorse cross gelding—came to live with us at the end of 2004. We had recently moved to a large property, and my plan was to get two horses...

By Heather Binns

Marketing your dog behavior consulting business without myths

“You can’t train a lion with force, so why would you do it with a dog?” I see this claim weekly on the Facebook pages of my dog training friends....

By Kayla Fratt

Setting Everybunny Up for Success: Helping Rabbits Succeed in Their Adoptive Home. Part III: The Adoptive Home

Congratulations! You’ve just adopted one of the most popular pets on the planet. Now what?

By Emily Cassell

Sit Does Not Mean Sit: Giving Puppies a Voice with Mand Behaviors

Puppies are not tiny dogs. While they are subject to all the same rules of learning theory, they are neurologically wired differently than adult dogs, and also have different physical...

By Jane Messineo Lindquist

Case Studies: Creating the Cooperative Canine for Veterinary Care

As a licensed veterinary technician by trade, training cooperative veterinary care is a practice that is near and dear to my heart.

By Jessica Fritschi

What are we going to do with these cats?! Case studies in difficult-to-home shelter cats: Craisin

Her big green eyes sucked me in the moment I saw them. They had the potential to be so beautiful, but right now they were filled to the brim with fear....

By Cheryl Kolus, DVM, KPA-CTP

Time Management Skills for Teaching Group Dog Training Classes

Running a group dog training class is an inherently different challenge than working individually with owners and their dogs. The behaviors you teach may of course be very different, but...

By Adria Karlsson, CDBC

From Skinner Box to Show Biz and Beyond

When Marian Kruse entered the University of Minnesota in 1938, her ambition was to major in Latin and minor in Greek. Marian later wrote of “harboring the strange notion of...

By William Van Nostran

Training Snakes to Voluntarily Relocate

The following is an overview of two methods I have used to train snakes to voluntarily shift from their normal enclosure/living space into a temporary holding area or transport container....

By Lori A. Torrini

A Bird, Her Game, and What They Taught Me About Training

I have an Aru Eclectus hen named Cah’ya (pronounced “cha-HI-uh”) who invented her own game. In this game, she stands on my arm and slowly leans far over to one...

By Emily Strong, CPBT-KA

Therapy Dogs: Preventing Stress and Fatigue, Promoting Welfare

In the past four years as executive trainer for the Good Dog Foundation, I have been witness to moments that have left me gratified, awed, deeply moved, and absolutely certain...

By Melissa Schiraldi

A Personal History of Dog Training

I would like to introduce myself so that you can better understand the basis of this article. I became a professional dog trainer by 1961, at the age of 15....

By Susan Bulanda

Rebecca Park Scholarship Winning Essay

Twice a year, IAABC holds a contest for a Rebecca Park Scholarship, which grants the winner a free place on the IAABC Animal Behavior Consulting: Principles & Practice online course....

By Allison Hunter-Frederick


Issue 29

Issue 29 | February 2024


Trauma-informed approaches to community support | Equine obesity | Shelter cats go to college | Why thinking outside the box matters | Training and behavioral euthanasia, and more....

Issue 28

Issue 28 | October 2023


Gentle Yoga for Dog Trainers | A Multi-part Series on Ethics and Horsemanship | Helping Diabetic Cats With Behavior Challenges | IR Thermography and Saddle Fit, and more...

Issue 27

Issue 27 | June 2023


Helping dogs and their people be more active together, how to talk to clients who have unrealistic breed-based expectations, a case of feline excessive vocalization, templates for observing pain in...

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Issue 26 | February 2023


Training for Resilience | Clicker Training Through a Cat's End-of-life | Running Successful Adoption Days | Volunteer Retention in Shelters | Horse Training Methodologies, and more...

Issue 25

Issue 25 | October 2022


The Equine Gut Microbiome | Sudden-Onset Aggression in Cats | When to Stay Involved in Medical Cases | Setting SMARTER Goals for your Clients | Detection Dog Literature Review, and...

Issue 24

Issue 24 | June 2022


What the Lacey Act Amendment means for parrot keeping | A novel method for rearing orphaned donkey foals | Dog, cat, shelter, and horse behavior case studies | An in-depth...