Shelter Behavior and Medical Teams Find Success Through Synergy

Shelters, especially larger ones, are made up of different departments that seldom interact with each other. Shelter behavior and veterinary medical teams may have competing priorities due to limitations on...

By Melissa Taylor, Lori Seelhoff, DVM, Jennifer Pallanich, CPDT-KA

Weak Links in the Canine Scent Detection Behavior Chain

Training for detection dogs involves creating a chain of behaviors with a reward at the end. When backchaining behaviors, there is always a risk of inadvertently reinforcing unwanted behaviors, which...

By Carla Simon, BSc, MD, MBA

Creating a Just and Joyful World for Dogs

Framing debates about how we should relate to companion animals as "rights vs welfare" is misleading and potentially harmful. Far from being the sole territory of abolitionists, many working behavior...

By Tiro Miller PhD

What Can “Streeties” Teach Us About Companion Dogs?

For most of human history, and indeed in much of the world today, dogs are not subjected to anywhere near as much restriction of movement as they are in the...

By Erin Jones, MS

Working with Horses and Children: Let’s Break Away from Tradition

How Topaze the horse taught an equine instructor three rules for happy, productive engagements between horses and children: Safety first, take care in matching each child to the right pony,...

By Nadia Hernandez

Puppy Pandemic – Facing Socialization Challenges Amidst COVID-19

What's the one thing we couldn't do during lockdown? Socialize. What's the single most important thing a new puppy needs to do? Socialize! COVID-19 brought some unique challenges for people...

By Jenna Hall

Enrichment at Home and in the Wild: Comparing Enrichment in Black-Footed Cats and Domestic Cats

Environmental enrichment provides captive animals with stimuli needed to participate in species-typical behavior and increases the amount of time an animal spends in goal-directed behavior. It is often used in...

By Gavin Fraser

COVID Sniffing Dogs: Where are we at with the Research and Implementation?

Within weeks of the novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 first being detected, preliminary studies on detection rates by working dogs were available. This review article examines two of the most promising early...

By Kayla Fratt

Selecting Shelter Dogs for Education Programs

When the idea of pairing shelter dogs and youth is discussed, dog training professionals generally have one of two reactions: That’s fantastic! – or – That’s risky! For decades, Society...

By Paula Ferrel, CPDT-KA

Dangerous Puppies: A Heartbreaking Choice

A deeply personal case history of a litter of puppies from a stressed, abandoned Catahoula. Signs of significant, unusual aggression were present from very soon after birth in all the...

By Chelsea Edwards


Issue 29

Issue 29 | February 2024


Trauma-informed approaches to community support | Equine obesity | Shelter cats go to college | Why thinking outside the box matters | Training and behavioral euthanasia, and more....

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Issue 28 | October 2023


Gentle Yoga for Dog Trainers | A Multi-part Series on Ethics and Horsemanship | Helping Diabetic Cats With Behavior Challenges | IR Thermography and Saddle Fit, and more...

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Issue 27 | June 2023


Helping dogs and their people be more active together, how to talk to clients who have unrealistic breed-based expectations, a case of feline excessive vocalization, templates for observing pain in...

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Training for Resilience | Clicker Training Through a Cat's End-of-life | Running Successful Adoption Days | Volunteer Retention in Shelters | Horse Training Methodologies, and more...

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Issue 25 | October 2022


The Equine Gut Microbiome | Sudden-Onset Aggression in Cats | When to Stay Involved in Medical Cases | Setting SMARTER Goals for your Clients | Detection Dog Literature Review, and...

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Issue 24 | June 2022


What the Lacey Act Amendment means for parrot keeping | A novel method for rearing orphaned donkey foals | Dog, cat, shelter, and horse behavior case studies | An in-depth...