Everybody loves Fido! The Ethics of Including Animals in Mental Health Work

Summary: Animals have been used as adjuncts in therapy since the time of Freud, and there are more and more programs that use animals to help patients communicate and heal....

By Tara Moser and Jodi Smith

Parrots Need You! The Lacey Act and USDA-APHIS

Summary: Two new sets of regulations, from different parts of the US Government, are poised to create serious problems for parrot caregivers, avian veterinarians, rescuers, and breeders. This article looks...

By Apryl Miller, JD

Who Keeps the Dog? Divorce Advice from a Pet Custody Expert

As a dog behavior consultant, chances are you'll encounter clients in the process of separating, as well as dogs who are facing an uncertain future due to family breakup. This...

By Karis Bryen, CDBC, Accredited Family Law Mediator

Brie Breathes Easy: Training a Cat to Enjoy an Inhaler

Asthma is relatively rare in cats, but when I took Brie to the emergency vet and found out his respiration rate was over 80 breaths per minute, I knew something...

By Prof. Robin Bisha

A Novel Method for Rearing Orphaned Donkey Foals with Behaviour in Mind

While rare, orphaned foals present some of the greatest challenges in relation to equid care and welfare. Human caregivers can't provide the same kind of feeding and care that the...

By Corinne McCafferty, MSc, CHBC

Continuing the Virtual Classroom at SPCA Monterey County

The pandemic forced dog trainers to adapt to new ways of working, and fast! Now that things are reopening, what about working online went well? What might we want to...

By Wendi Newman and Bonnie Logue

Case Study: Luna — Reactivity to Other Dogs Part 1

A case of dog-dog reactivity in an energetic older dog, is made more complicated by the client's specific situation and set of needs, and then turns into human-directed aggression as...


Sex in the Psittacine

You want your parrot to love you, but...not like that! Inappropriate sexual behaviors in parrots can be frustrating for everyone involved, but learning more about why they might be happening...

By Kashmir Csaky, CPBC Emeritus

Case Study: Bilbo – Aggression and Escape Behaviours in a Horse

Bilbo was aggressive, unruly, and very unhappy. Was she just angry? Or, was she spending too much time indoors, eating the wrong kinds of foods, and getting frustrated? Approaching her...

By Abigail Allen, CHBC

Working with Shy Dogs in a Class Setting

Not all shy dogs need one-on-one work, and not all caregivers are capable of finding that environment. A class for shy dogs can work, if the environment is properly set...

By Alicia L. Harantschuk, ​CPDT-KA​, CDBC, ADT

Issue 24 Table Of Contents

The IAABC Foundation Journal issue 24, with content from dog, cat, parrot, horse, reptile, shelter, legal, and working animal experts.

Case Study: Jumbo — Extreme Fearfulness in a Cat

What do you do when your newly-adopted cat refuses to stop hiding under the bed? 4-year-old Jumbo had a rough start in life, and now he was in danger of...

By Hongfei Li CCBC

Enrichment for Snakes (And Other Reptiles)

An enriched environment for reptiles under captive management isn't just a tank with some extra objects in it. To really enrich the lives of our reptiles, we need to be...

By Lori Torrini


Issue 29

Issue 29 | February 2024


Trauma-informed approaches to community support | Equine obesity | Shelter cats go to college | Why thinking outside the box matters | Training and behavioral euthanasia, and more....

Issue 28

Issue 28 | October 2023


Gentle Yoga for Dog Trainers | A Multi-part Series on Ethics and Horsemanship | Helping Diabetic Cats With Behavior Challenges | IR Thermography and Saddle Fit, and more...

Issue 27

Issue 27 | June 2023


Helping dogs and their people be more active together, how to talk to clients who have unrealistic breed-based expectations, a case of feline excessive vocalization, templates for observing pain in...

Issue 26

Issue 26 | February 2023


Training for Resilience | Clicker Training Through a Cat's End-of-life | Running Successful Adoption Days | Volunteer Retention in Shelters | Horse Training Methodologies, and more...

Issue 25

Issue 25 | October 2022


The Equine Gut Microbiome | Sudden-Onset Aggression in Cats | When to Stay Involved in Medical Cases | Setting SMARTER Goals for your Clients | Detection Dog Literature Review, and...

Issue 23

Issue 23 | February 2022


Consent Behaviors for Veterinary Procedures | Covid Detection Dog Research update | Equine Advocacy | Eco-friendly Choices for Cats | Neurobiology of Snake Enrichment | Welfare For Captive Fish |...