Dogs Who Witness Trauma

Experiencing trauma is known to be a cause of stress and associate behavior problems in dogs, but what about witnessing the trauma of others? This article reviews what we know...

By Dr. Teresa Tyler PhD

The Equine Microbiome: Diet, Disease, and Behaviour

Gut bacteria play an important role in digestion and overall health in horses, including their behavioral health. This article introduces the equine gut microbiome and explores how changing a horses'...

By Holly Heartz, MSESS, RD

Issue 25 Table Of Contents

The IAABC Foundation Journal issue 25, with case studies and articles from dog, cat, horse, educational, veterinary, and working animal experts.

SMARTER Goal Setting for Animal Professionals Part 1

When goals are poorly conceived or just not present, intervention is not targeted precisely and learners don’t progress the way we’d like them to. SMARTER goals can help!

By Elisheba Fay, CDBC, CPDT-KA

Make the Most of Your Lane: Why to Stay Involved in Medical Cases

When veterinarians and behavior professionals work together, everyone can benefit. Clients and their animals can develop deeper relationships through continuity of support, behavior professionals get the chance to network and...

By Dr. Denise Johnson, DVM, CCBC

Case Study: Mimi and Leo — Sudden-onset Aggression in a Cat

After years of the two cats living together with no issues, Mimi suffered an acute medical event and started to behave aggressively towards Leo....

By Monika Januszewska, CCBC

Living and Learning with a Blind Dog

Blind dogs can live full and happy lives, but they need some special attention to their training and behavior. Whether they were born without sight or lost their vision later...

By Micaela Frank, CDBC, CPDT-KA, KPA-CTP

Case Study: Luna — Reactivity to Other Dogs Part 2

A case of dog-dog reactivity in an energetic older dog, is made more complicated by the client’s specific situation and set of needs, and then turns into human-directed aggression as...


Bang! Boom! Developing Training Plans for Dogs with Noise Aversion

Developing an effective training plan for dogs suffering from noise aversion is complicated by the co-morbidity of other behavior challenges, the inherent unpredictability of the stimulus, and the tendency of...

By Rachel Lane, CPDT-KA

Case Study: Dancer — Isolation Distress in a Horse

An anxious mare's behavior problems are made worse when she's taken away from her herd. A history of physical punishment when alone, and frustration on the part of the client...

By Carol-Ann Doucet, CHBC

A Review of Detection Distance for Search Dogs Based on Environment and Target Odor

Working dogs are expected to perform well in a huge variety of environments. Understanding what the research tells us about the effects of different environmental factors, as well as target...

By Kayla Fratt, CDBC, Rachel Hamre, and Heather Nootbaar

Is a Busy Parrot Really a Happy Parrot?  

Keeping parrots occupied is indeed an important part of bringing them in to our homes, but it’s time we realize there’s a lot more to a happy, fulfilled life than being...

By Stephanie Edlund, CPBC

Using Innate Stress Coping Styles to Inform Behavior Management Strategies

There is a growing body of evidence that understanding and facilitating an individual animal’s innate stress coping style may decrease stress and improve resilience. Furthermore, the interplay between coping style...

By Gavin Fraser


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Issue 29 | February 2024


Trauma-informed approaches to community support | Equine obesity | Shelter cats go to college | Why thinking outside the box matters | Training and behavioral euthanasia, and more....

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Training for Resilience | Clicker Training Through a Cat's End-of-life | Running Successful Adoption Days | Volunteer Retention in Shelters | Horse Training Methodologies, and more...

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Issue 24 | June 2022


What the Lacey Act Amendment means for parrot keeping | A novel method for rearing orphaned donkey foals | Dog, cat, shelter, and horse behavior case studies | An in-depth...

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Issue 23 | February 2022


Consent Behaviors for Veterinary Procedures | Covid Detection Dog Research update | Equine Advocacy | Eco-friendly Choices for Cats | Neurobiology of Snake Enrichment | Welfare For Captive Fish |...