Non-Recognition Aggression in Cats

When a cat is taken out of their home and then taken back, for example to the veterinarian, they can experience "non-recognition aggression." Even cats who previously had a strong...

By Allison Hunter-Frederick

A Framework for Behavior Modification and Training Plans to Help Build and Maintain Resilience: The Resilience Rainbow

Resilience is an individual's ability to recover from and resist the negative effects of stress. Understanding the physiological and behavioral bases for higher levels of resilience can help animal trainers...

By Bobbie Bhambree, CDBC, CPDT-KA, and Dr. Kathy Murphy, BVetMed, DPhil, CVA, CLAS, MRCVS

SMARTER Goal Setting for Animal Professionals Part 2

SMARTER is a mnemonic used to define measurable goals. This article builds on the concept of SMARTER goals introduced in part 1 and gives examples of how trainers and behavior...

By Elisheba Fay, CDBC, CPDT-KA

When ‘Click’ Means ‘I Love You”: Clicker Training My Cat Zathras Through His End-of-Life

How what started as an experiment in clicker training to improve husbandry behavior turned into one of the building blocks of a relationship that helped both a cat and their...

By T Hamboyan Harrison, CCBC, ACSB-C, SBA, FFCP

A Review of the Round Pen Technique for Training Horses

The round-pen training technique, popular among proponents of "natural horsemanship" is said to be effective and ethical because it uses equine ethology to induce desired behaviors. This review looks at...

By Chloe Campbell, BSc

Revitalizing a Shelter Volunteer Program in the Wake of the Pandemic

Animal shelters were significantly impacted by the covid-19 pandemic in 2020. Among other issues, lockdowns meant that animal shelters could no longer rely on their volunteers in the same way....

By John Reilly, MS, CBCC-KA

Adoption Events: Skills, Ethics, and Best Practices

Getting cats and dogs through the shelter and onto the next stage of their lives is understandably the main thing shelter staff and volunteers are focused on, and adoption events...

By Tiro Miller, PhD

Issue 26 Table of Contents

The IAABC Foundation Journal issue 26, with articles and interviews from across the world of animal training, sheltering, and behavior consulting.

Teaching Polite Play

Most people who add a dog to their family are excited to see their dog play with canine friends. Not every dog is a paragon of social skills, however, so...

By Christina Young, BSc, CDBC, PCBC-A, KPA-CTP, LFDM-W

Environmental Cues in Service Dogs

Navigating one’s daily tasks isn’t always easy — especially while living with a disability. Fortunately, there are service dogs that can be trained to do all sorts of tasks for...

By Matthias Lenz KPA CTP

Helping Pet Store Parrots Live Their Best Lives

A parrot is an iconic part of a pet store; many people have strong memories of visiting pet stores as children and being amazed by a big red macaw, or...

By Adrianne Mock, CPBC

Fearful Dogs in Shelters Can Have A Brighter Future With Evidence-based Interventions

With a combination of sufficient practical resources and a knowledgeable team of staff and volunteers, shelters can be fertile grounds for research into behavior modification protocols. Being based in a...

By Kristen Collins, MS, ACAAB, Emily Patterson-Kane, PhD, and the IAABC Foundation Editing Team


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Issue 29 | February 2024


Trauma-informed approaches to community support | Equine obesity | Shelter cats go to college | Why thinking outside the box matters | Training and behavioral euthanasia, and more....

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What the Lacey Act Amendment means for parrot keeping | A novel method for rearing orphaned donkey foals | Dog, cat, shelter, and horse behavior case studies | An in-depth...

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