Post-Surgical Rehabilitation and Behavior Modification of a Foster Cat Through Guided Play

On March 1, 2017, I picked up Sal, a long-haired orange tabby from the Animal Rescue League of Boston (ARL)...

By Lillian Ciardelli, MS

Playgroups the LIMA Way

Playgroups are undoubtedly a beneficial practice in shelters and rescue groups, and over the past few years they have increased in popularity. As with most tools, though, playgroups can be...

By Emily Strong, CPBC, CPBT-KA

Spotlight on Research: Lauren Robinson

This issue, we talked to Lauren Robinson, recent PhD graduate from the University of Edinburgh. Lauren’s work focuses on how we measure personality and welfare, and how these two areas...

By IAABC Editing Team

Ask the Ethics Committee

Concerns about litigation can potentially limit dialogue about issues such as fear aggression. For example, if my dog is uneasy near strangers, I may be counseled not to talk openly...

By IAABC Ethics Committee

IAABC News for Summer 2017

The latest news from the IAABC.

By IAABC Editing Team

Pawsimony: Needs Mustelid

We humans are always looking for evidence that our animal friends really do love us. That’s probably why videos like this one, which was described as a ferret mom insistently...

By Tiro Miller, PhD

Testifying in Court

As professionals in the field of applied animal behavior, we are well-placed to understand the antecedents that cause an animal to act in a certain way.

By Melissa McMath Hatfield, MS, CBCC-KA, CDBC

Companion Bird Awareness Month – Promoting Companion Bird Education

Before I was a Certified Parrot Behavior Consultant, I started promoting companion bird education while volunteering at the Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (MSPCA) at Nevins...

By Sheila Blanchette, CPBC

Cat Training Corner

This new column will highlight some of the great training you and your cat can do together. We’ll start with how to train a foundational behavior, and build up to...

By Victoria Blais, Julie Posluns, and Cheryl Kolus, DVM

Service Dog Temperament Versus Behaviour: What to Measure and When

The unique dog-human relationship has led to the dog’s integral place within our society. As well as being our companions, dogs’ adaptation to our lifestyle has resulted in their exceptional...

By Helen Vaterlaws-Whiteside, PhD

Kokoda’s Diary Part 2

This is a continuation of the counter-conditioning diary I started last issue. I am working with my Eclectus parrot, Kokoda, who I would like to teach to happily accept wearing...

By Lee Stone, CPDT-KA

Three Leash Reactive Dog Cases

The way a behavior consultant approaches a case is dependent on their education and background. As an applied behavior analyst, I approach my work as a behavior consultant with a...

By Adria Karlsson, CDBC

Housing Cats in Shelters

Appropriate housing is essential for animal wellbeing in shelters. Without clean, comfortable, spacious housing, no amount of enrichment will be sufficient to maintain low stress levels. An animal may receive...

By Jessica Hekman, DVM, MS

Stats Trek IV

This is the fourth installment of our Stats Trek series, where we talk about all things data! In the current series, we systematically dissect a paper from the scientific literature...

By Jessica Fry, PhD

Why Train Voluntary Cooperation in Horses?

The basic goal of animal training is to control another individual’s behavior. Cooperation is the ideal outcome, but when aversive training methods are used the animal’s cooperation is compulsory, not...

By Robin Foster, PhD

Writing for the Internet: Promotion, Feedback, and Metrics

In previous articles I have shared what I’ve learned about writing for an internet audience and things to consider when choosing how to publish to get the most out of...

By Eric Brad

At the Foot of It All: Hoof Care and Behavior Modification

Over the last couple of years, we have increasingly seen the behavioural side to hoof care featured in videos that have gone viral on social media. One recent example showed...

By Catherine Bell, CHBC

Living and Learning with Ozzie: From “Unpredictable” Biter to Accomplished Painter

Shortly before I became a student of applied behavior analysis, a new parrot came to live with Steve and me. Ozzie, an adult female green Quaker parrot (hatch date April...

By Patricia K. Anderson, PhD

Public Safety First: Discussions with Animal Control Officers on Dangerous Dogs in the Community

Animal Control Officers (ACOs), first responders in dangerous dog situations, have a difficult role in maintaining safety in the community. The Colorado statute defines a "dangerous dog" as one that has "Inflicted...

By Camille King, EdD, RN, ACAAB, CDBC


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