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We’re actively looking for unique and diverse voices from everywhere. If you’re involved with animal behavior and training, animal welfare, veterinary science, or human-animal studies, we’d love to hear from you. 

You don’t have to be an IAABC member or a professional behavior consultant to submit an article. Your work will be fact-checked by the IAABC Foundation Journal team and our network of experts and evaluated on its merits.


Animal behavior is a large and diverse field, so we are open to content from many areas, such as applied behavioral analysis, ethology, husbandry and cooperative care, animal rights, the human-animal bond, and interpersonal skills. If you’re not sure if your topic is suitable, ask us! 

We are looking for content covering all species of animal in any situation; this includes companion animals, working and service animals, shelter animals, feral animals, and wild animals.

For detailed information about the content we are looking for, read our submissions guidelines and style guide:

Read The IAABC Foundation Journal Submissions Guidelines here.


Writing for the Journal is:

  • A chance to get professional feedback on your writing. We have a team of expert reviewers and a professional proofreader who will give your work the attention and guidance it deserves. 
  • An opportunity to share your ideas with our community of readers.

As the IAABC Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charity organization, we are currently not able to offer financial compensation for authors. We also do not charge authors to submit their work to us.

How do I submit?

Send your draft submissions to our team at

Submissions should either be attached as a Microsoft Word document or sent as a Google Doc. It should be double-spaced, 12pt Times New Roman. 

A brief summary/abstract should be included on the first page. References and an author bio should be included at the end of the document – not as footnotes. 

Images should be included separately from the submission, either as email attachments or through sharing a link to your cloud service such as Google Drive. Authors should indicate where in the text each image is to be included. Please ensure that you have all necessary permissions to include any images you send us.


We have an in-house style guide that is regularly updated with the latest information for authors. Read or download it here: The IAABC Foundation Journal Submissions Guidelines 


The IAABC Foundation Journal has a group of volunteer reviewers from a variety of academic and professional backgrounds who provide anonymous feedback to help our editing team make acceptance decisions and give suggestions to prospective Journal authors.

Reviewing is anonymous to both the author and reviewers; your submission will be stripped of identifying details for our reviewers, and authors are never given the names of individuals who have reviewed their work.If you have an advanced degree in a relevant field and/or a professional certification in animal behavior consulting, and you’d like to join our submission review team, email us at

Can you help me get started?

Of course! Our editing team can help you come up with ideas, or with refining an existing idea. We can also offer guidance and technical support when it comes to getting photos and videos to accompany your submission.

We strive to make our editing process as careful, flexible and transparent as possible, so don’t be afraid to get in touch and pitch us something.


All contributions to the IAABC Foundation Journal must be based on current, scientifically-valid principles and reflect our position on least intrusive, minimally aversive training and behavior.

As a general rule, we will not publish articles that have appeared elsewhere, including on personal blogs. 

Currently, no meta-analysis or systematic review supports the use of any complementary therapy in behavior modification for companion animals. The IAABC Foundation cannot, therefore, accept content promoting these products and techniques as an adjunct or alternative to behavior modification.

What about copyright?

All content will be licensed under Creative Commons — Attribution-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States.  This means you retain the full rights to your submissions. If you are an author and you’d like your IAABC Foundation Journal article to be published elsewhere, we only ask that a link to where your article appears in the Foundation Journal be included in any future publications. 

The IAABC Foundation reserves the right to distribute your content on our website, through print media, and also on our social media networks.

We want the journal to be a source of unique content, so we strongly discourage submitting any work that has previously been published elsewhere. Plagiarism will result in your content being refused, or removed from the site—this includes photos and videos. Please only include media if you own the copyright or have permission for its use.