Issue 28 Table of Contents

CAT: When Extra Sweet Turns Sour: Supporting Cats with Behavior Changes Related to Feline Diabetes

by T Hamboyan Harrison, CCBC, ACSB-C, SBA, FFCP

DOG: Gentle Yoga for Gentle Dog Trainers

by Eve M. Riley, PhD, KPA-CTP, RYT200

HORSE: The Effects of Saddle Fit on Horse Behaviour: Insights from Infrared Thermography

by Joanna Lepiarczyk

HORSE: The Ethics of Using Dominance-Based Training Within the Equine Leisure Industry: Part 1

by Alice Campbell, MSc

SHELTER: Testing the Temperament of Dogs Housed in Animal Shelters

by John Reilly, MS, CBCC-KA


From the Archive:


SHELTER: Enrichment Involving Human Interaction Saves Lives

by Regina Willen MS, CDBC, ACAAB

SHELTER: Simple Solutions for Common Behavior Issues in Shelters

by Emily Strong, CDBC, SBA

SHELTER: One Dog At A Time: Enriching the Emotional Lives of Shelter Dogs

by Nee Kang, CDBC, Elisa Ang, and Jaipal Singh Gill