What is The IAABC Foundation? How is it Different From IAABC?

The IAABC Foundation is a new, non-profit charity with the mission of bringing education, events, and community science to both IAABC members and the public alike.The IAABC and the Foundation both support and advance the field of animal behavior consulting, but how the organizations do so is different – by design. The Foundation is not a competitor to IAABC. It is an independent affiliate, and does not replace or compete with the mission or work of IAABC. The same is true in reverse. The organizations are complements to each other. The IAABC’s focus, as a trade association, is the promotion of the common business interests of animal behavior consultants through the creation and maintenance of certification standards, networking, and advocacy.

The Foundation’s focus, as a charity, is charitable and educational purposes, including the creation and hosting of education such as conferences and courses, webinars, community science projects, events, eventually grants, and the IAABC Journal.The organizations have different leadership, finances, and Boards of Directors. A full announcement will be coming once the IAABC Foundation website is done. The IAABCFoundation.org website is a separate website than IAABC.org, and we’re currently working on creating a seamless experience for IAABC members to have single sign-on to access their member content, courses, conference recordings and the like. Until that’s done, member benefit recordings such as the Lemonade Conference and other conference recordings, are still in members’ IAABC user accounts.

Sarah Filipiak is the Executive Director of the IAABC.

Marjie Alonso is the Executive Director of the IAABC Foundation, and Rochelle Burtt is the Director of Education and Technology. The About page will be up in the next week or so to highlight more of the Foundation team.

For help with IAABC things (questions about membership, applications, getting into your account, CEUs), write to info@iaabc.org

For help with Foundation things (questions about courses, access to content, conference stuff, Journal), write to questions@iaabcfoundation.org The IAABC Foundation is not a member organization. It is an educational resource available to the public, and also offering discounts to IAABC members. As we build and grow, we’ll be developing many new programs and initiatives, including scholarship programs to allow as many people as possible to enjoy our content, and a program to help amplify and showcase members of BIPOC and marginalized communities. The excellent former IAABC education team is now the IAABC Foundation education team, and we’re focusing on theory and applied animal behavior and training, professional development, animal rights and cognition, and scientific findings, papers, and advancements.

Meanwhile, the IAABC will still be providing the highest quality independent Accreditations and Certifications, awarding CEUs (including to Foundation courses and events), and promoting professionalism and excellence in the field.The Foundation has a new Facebook page – @iaabcfoundation — where we’re building a community of members and non-members who are excited about science, education, events, and the latest in animal training and behavior. We will continue to share social media postings and information on the IAABC public social media as well – if you can help us by also “liking” the Foundation social media and telling all your friends to do that same! We already have a Tiktok account (@iaabc_foundation), and other social media platforms are on the way.We’re really excited about everything to come for both organizations. Thank you for being part of the ride!